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How to Choose Custom Stainless Steel Sink

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    February 10, 2018 12:21 PM +04


    Custom Stainless Steel Sink is the first choice for most families, we fancy is that it is easy to clean, light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature, moisture resistance and so on. Meanwhile, the metal texture of stainless steel with quite modern flavor, you can wild.

    Select the stainless steel handmade sink focus on the following points: to determine whether it is stainless steel. An important feature of stainless steel is not rust. Everyone in the purchase of stainless steel sink, it may wish to take a magnet suck it, stainless steel is not magnetic absorption.

    Choose the appropriate processing technology and surface treatment process. First of all, the stainless steel processing workers -9 mainly cold drawing process, matte process, fine fine embossed work -9. Cold drawn stainless steel sink casting process does not require coating, tough and durable, and commonly used new, the lowest price. After the two techniques to overcome the shortcomings of water marks and scratches, but also has good sound-absorbing, appearance to beat, the price is relatively high.

    Recommended after repeated polishing of cold drawing stainless steel; followed by fine fine embossed cancer, because it is more scratch-resistant than ordinary polished surface; the last is the scrub process, because the scrub coating female fruit off, the basin Will soon be eroded, this process is more suitable for foreigners to use.

    Second, the choice of stainless steel surface treatment process is also very important: high-gloss finish, but easy to scratch; sanding wear-resistant, but easy to gather dirt. Suggest that you choose matte, it has high brightness, but also sanding durability.

    Choose professional Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers - is important, why choose handmadesink for your kitchen:

    Customization: Our professionalTechnical partner has been working for the handmade sinks for more than 15years in the world famous sinks factory in Guangdong,and manufacture products according to the different requests from customers.

    Cost: We are a factory focusing on the handmade sinks only. All of our professional workers& suppliers can offer the most competitive price and efficient working experience.

    Quality: All of sink material is 304 stainless steel sink,Top brushed finish& 100% quality inspect before shipment.

    Capacity: We only manufacture 5000 pcs high quality handcraft sinks per month for oversea markets.

    Delivery time: We offer the products in short time for order.

    1st order : 35-40 days after receive 30% deposit.

    Repeated orders:25-30 days after receive 30% deposit for urgent order, could be faster, please send email to negotiate.

    Sample Time:3- 7 working days for Customized sample,Please send email for sample charge.

    Bulk Production:Bulk Production:30-35 days.