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wood floor played a very good role

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    March 9, 2018 6:51 AM +04

    wood floor played a very good role

    gradually moving toward capitalization era, the initial prototype of economies of scale, to some extent Accelerate the development of the industry brand hierarchy, which for the long-term standardized development of the wood floor played a very good role, but also to establish a strong brand awareness has taken a very crucial step. (3) narrow range of innovation. Whether it is to learn growth or scale growth enterprises, innovation is

    essential for the development of the starting point in the early stages of business growth is the most needed marketing model innovation with the least cost in exchange for maximum benefit; maturity is the need to innovate out More high-quality commercial profit model; the whole process of enterprise development also need to continue to innovate for market development of products, can be said that any part of the development of

    enterprises need to innovate. At present, many enterprises in China basically stay in the innovation of product innovation and marketing innovation. They are not ideal in business model innovation, profit structure adjustment, etc., with relatively narrow scope of innovation and weak long-term awareness. However, the long-term business model and profit structure Innovation can change the fate of the business or even the fate of the

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