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    Wu Zetian, the only orthodox female emperor in Chinese history, is also one of the oldest and longest-lived emperors. At the age of fourteen, he entered the harem as a talented person of Tang Taizong. Tang Taizong gave the title "Wu Mei", Tang Gaozong was Zhao Zhao at the beginning, and later was the Queen, and the honor was the queen. Today, let's talk about her entrepreneurial road first entered the court = first entered the society Wu Zetian when he was fourteen years old Wholesale Cigarettes, Tang Taizong heard that she was graceful to behave beautifully, called her into the palace, and sealed it as a five-character talent. Charming." This sentence shows that Wu Zetian is very capable. And for those who have just stepped into the society Carton Of Cigarettes, we want to start a business. If you have the ability, you will get the recognition of your strength So now we should continue to learn and improve our ability to prove our strength Wu Zetian is the Taizong horse, when she said to Tang Taizong: "I can subdue it, but need to have three things: iron whip, iron rod, dagger. Use the iron whip to beat it. If you don't accept it, hit the head with an iron rod. If you don't accept it, use a dagger to cut its throat." Explain that Wu Zetian is very powerful. On the road to entrepreneurship, we must be decisive in doing things, do not hesitate. For things, we have to maintain three or more solutions. For people, we must dare to express ourselves in order to prove our talents. Understand the forbearance, see the form, learn to borrow Wu Zetian to be a talented person for 12 years, did not get the favor of Tang Taizong, in the Tang Taizong disease, Wu Zetian and Prince Li Zhi established feelings. Tang Taizong died, Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty, and some of the children without children into the temple for Nepal, but she and the new emperor Li Zhi has been broken. Tang Gaozong��s filial piety was full, and Wu Zetian re-entered the palace. Wu Zetian endured for 12 years and failed. She did not give up and entered the palace again. On the road to entrepreneurship, we must understand the forbearance, perhaps we will also fail, but we must learn to be forbearing, but also to see the market situation. Then know how to borrow. Wu Zetian borrowed the power of Prince Li Zhi. Accumulating experience and connections Wu Zetian suggested to Li Zhi to let her go to the DPRK and listen to politics. Her political experience and influence have further increased. However, Wu Zetian was still not satisfied. She wanted to seal up Zen Taishan with Li Zhi, and acted as a minister, and gave the officials a gradual increase in order to make her grateful to her. In our entrepreneurial journey, we must constantly accumulate experience and contacts. To expand your circle and then borrow these strengths, you can reduce many twists and turns in your future entrepreneurial journey. Pave the way for himself, and go to the success of Fa Ming and other four volumes of "Da Yun Jing", saying that Wu Zetian is the incarnation of Maitreya Buddha, should be the master of the world, Wu Zetian lives to explain the people, and the status of Buddhism is raised above Taoism. More than 60,000 people, please also change the country number. Wu Hou Zhun, please change the Tang to Zhou, change Yuan Tian. The Emperor of the Holy Spirit. Wu Zetian was constantly paving the way for herself. In the end, she succeeded in entrepreneurship; she became the only orthodox female emperor in Chinese history. Therefore, on our entrepreneurial road Cheap Cigarettes, we must constantly look for factors that are beneficial to ourselves Marlboro Gold. The use of Wu Zetian��s entrepreneurship here is over.
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