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  • Description: 'My level of intoxication is simply no excuse': Female in limited blue gown who put an official posts picture of their self straddling a police bicycle at the Melbourne Cup. The girl shocked area when the girl was shot shoving a senior officer into the shrubbery at the Melbourne Cup when you wear a tight blue dress and stilettos. Yet plus size maxi dress racegoer Dorothy Finn, 25, seems unfazed by her notoriety as well as posted a photograph of their self straddling a marked law enforcement bike that was taken occasions before pushing the unsuspecting official. The reveller made the photo her Facebook profile picture today as the girl issued a grovelling apology, informing Seven Information: 'My degree of intoxication is definitely no reason. ' 'I deeply apologise for my actions. We acknowledge an enormous error in judgement upon my account. ' The girl could be observed throwing crazy punches, falling apart on the floor and finally being pinned down this year Woman to become charged after 'pushing' officer into rose bush at Flemington on Melbourne Cup day time.